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Privacy Policy


Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth.), which sets out principles concerning the privacy of individuals and is focused on protecting your privacy in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.  This Privacy Policy describes in general terms how we protect the privacy of your personal information. It is applicable to any personal information you provide to us and to information which we collect about you from other sources.

Why we collect your personal information:

Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd collects personal information for the primary purpose of providing immigration services to clients in accordance with client instructions. We may also collect personal information for promoting or marketing of our services.


What information we collect:

The sort of personal information we collect and hold will depend on upon the type of services that you request from us. This may include your name, e-mail id, date of birth, address, contact details, your bank account number, credit card information, records of communications with us, medical records, employment history, police reports, academic records, other relevant identification documents and immigration information.


How the information is collected:

This information can either directly provided by you or collected when you participate in a competition, promotional activity, survey, market research, or by subscribe to our mailing list. Personal information such as your IP address, type of operating system used, type of device used and type browser used can be collected when you visit our website. This information is generally non-personally identifiable information.

How your personal information may be used:

Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd may use or disclose your personal information for the primary purpose for which it was collected, which is advising and representing clients in accordance with client instructions, including for the purpose of giving immigration assistance. It may also be used or be disclosed to third parties where the individual has consented or would reasonably expect  or to third parties who provide services to Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd. It may be used for marketing but giving individuals the opportunity to opt out of direct marketing or to third parties who provide services to Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd.

Keeping your information accurate and up-to-date:

Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd takes steps to ensure your personal information is accurate, up-to-date and not misleading. This is done by updating its records whenever changes to the information come to our knowledge. If you believe your information is incorrect, incomplete or not current, you can request that Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd update this information by contacting us at the email address below.

Storage and Security of Information:

Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd stores your personal information in a combination of storage facilities. Information is stored in an electronic format as well as hard copies. Information in electronic format may be stored on the local system  (owned and operated by us) or in cloud-based services, which are (owned by our services providers). Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd protects your personal information, which is stored in electronic format, from loss or misuse by appropriate electronic security method and physical security. All information in hard copies is protected by adequate physical security. Any data that needs to be disposed of is destroyed which protects the privacy of information in a suitable manner.

Access to your personal information:

Subject to client confidentiality, you can access the personal information we hold about you by contacting our Privacy Officer. If access is refused to your information, Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd will give you a notice explaining our decision to the extent feasible and your options.

Dealing with unsolicited information:

Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd takes all reasonable steps to ensure that unwanted information is not collected and is destroyed immediately.

Complaints and disputes:

If you have reason to believe that Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd has not complied with its obligations relating to your personal information under this privacy policy or under the Privacy Act, please refer any complaint to queries to our Privacy Officer. Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd will ensure your complaint is handled in an appropriate and reasonable manner.

Whom should you contact

Please refer any queries about Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd  and privacy issues via email to or by mail to The Director, Good Earth Immigration Pty PO Box 4024, Hoppers Crossing, Vic 3029

Changes to this policy

This policy may change from time to time. A current version of this policy will be published on Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd website or may be obtained free of charge upon request.

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