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Thank you for contacting Good Earth Immigration P/L regarding your immigration issue. We looking forward meet you or speak with you in greater depth.

Appointment Confirmation:

Once payment is received, Good Earth Immigration Pty Ltd will confirm the chosen appointment time. In some circumstances, if the chosen time is not available we will offer you an alternative time. If this time does not suit you, we will refund you our initial appointment fees in full.


The fee for the Initial Consultation is $150 plus payment processing charge of $3.37.  Payment is made immediately upon booking a consultation through our online form. All payment is handled securely through Square.

Any in-person meetings shall be held at Entrance C5, Level 1, Point Cook, VIC 3030 unless agreed to otherwise. We can also speak to you via Skype or other forms of Internet technology. Unless otherwise agreed to, audio or video recording the consultation is prohibited.

Cancellations &  Refunds

If you need to cancel the consultation, you will be entitled to a full refund if you notify us at least 24-hours prior to the appointment time. You are not entitled to any refund if you do not show up for the appointment. All appointments cancelled/rescheduled between 24 hours and 4 hours of the appointment will be required pay $75.00 for the late notice.  


Length of Appointment

Included in the consultation fee is 45 minutes of our Registered Migrations Agents time, either via telephone or in-person. You will be charged our typical hourly rate for any time exceeding this amount of time. You will be charged my typical hourly rate for any subsequent consultation appointments on the same immigration matter which may be agreed upon separately. Our typical hourly rate is $220.

Limited Scope

During the initial consultation, we will use our best efforts to respond to your questions involving your immigration issue; however, by agreeing to this Initial Consultation Agreement, you acknowledge that we may not
know the specific answers to your questions without doing further research. Additionally, we may provide you with pamphlets, fact sheets, flow charts, or other general information for you to take with you after the initial consultation. You understand that the law changes and you should not depend on the information in these educational reference materials without seeking advice.

Engagement Agreement Required 

Although the discussions during the initial consultation will be confidential, Good Earth Immigration P/L is not agreeing to represent you as your migration agent concerning this immigration issue. Absent any further mutually-signed Retainer Agreement between us, our professional relationship will end at the close of the initial consultation. You also acknowledge that every immigration issue is unique to individual facts and circumstances and Good Earth Immigration P/L cannot guarantee results for you. After the initial consultation,  if you decide to engage us as your migration agents and if we agree to provide services to you,  an agreement of services and costs has to to be executed by both parties. The new agreement will replace any previous agreements and will set forth the terms and conditions of acting as your migration agent,  including our fees and the specific services to be provided by us.


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